From emergency centre to indispensable medical service centre with Enovation UMO cx

The high demand for care requires smart application of care-trained staff. That’s why it’s the right time for emergency centres to broaden their deployment of dispatchers. Enovation UMO cx provides them with assistance by expanding services responsibly and by gradually becoming more significant to clients.

Ideal care services

In millions of homes, the need for care is growing. People are getting older, are living independently for longer, and are spending less time in ‘expensive’ care facilities such as hospitals. In an ideal world, we would meet this requirement by offering personal care at home. With skilled people, who provide real care and have attention and time for every client. But how do we create such a world when care also needs to remain affordable and accessible? The new Enovation UMO cx solution takes an important step in this direction, by helping emergency centres become versatile medical service centres.

Being of greater significance as a centre

Emergency centres are crucial links in the care chain where a number of dispatchers trained in care are working. These dispatchers are currently mainly focused on unplanned care queries such as personal alarms. What if they could be of more significance to patients? What if they could digitally supervise insulin injections, call or chat with patients about their recovery after surgery or issue and process invoices and questionnaires? In this way, dispatchers could utilise their time more effectively, allowing the world to benefit from their skills, and ensure that more and more people would have personalised digital care at hand.

The activities of UMO cx

Enovation UMO cx facilitates this change by using smart IT. It offers emergency centres a single, user-friendly programme for all care communication with and concerning patients. You can send emails, text messages, make calls and video calls, chat about a range of subjects and automatically receive notifications and alerts. In addition, you can provide eHealth, perform medication checks, monitor daily activities or quickly connect with other caregivers. All with continuous insight into a client’s vital medical information, so that as a dispatcher, you have a complete picture of the situation and can make the right decision at the right time.

Select your working method

The strength of UMO cx lies in the fact that, as a centre, you can fully adapt it to your people and working methods. In this way, you determine your own priorities and skill-based routing, whereby each notification automatically reaches the correct dispatcher with the correct priority and expertise. In addition, you determine what functions you use, and what not. This is how you expand your services step by step, without losing track. That makes Enovation UMO cx not just another ‘handy’ tool, but a flexible solution that evolves with you and the goals you have set.

Value for the patient

Over 80 European organisations are working with Enovation UMO. All this knowledge and experience is used for the development of UMO cx. As such, this product fits seamlessly into daily practice and allows more and more emergency centres to become versatile medical service centres. This results in more efficient operations, but most importantly to more patients being helped personally by skilled, knowledgeable healthcare professionals. This allows people to live at home for longer and with independence, bringing warm, affordable care one step closer.

Enovation Expands with Acquisition of Medimo

Enovation strengthens its market position with the acquisition of Medimo, supplier of an electronic administration registration and ePresciption system.

Enovation Successfully Expands Scope Certification

We once again obtained the certificates for ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27799, NEN 7510 and MedMij.

Time to Celebrate: It’s Enovation’s 40th Anniversary!

It’s Enovation’s 40th anniversary! A great time to look back and look ahead – how did we change, what have we learned and what are our plans for the future?

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