The importance of information security

Our information security protects your data

Protecting (personal) data stands or falls with having adequate information security. That’s our philosophy. 

Enovation’s service portfolio contributes to secure communication and integration within and with your organization as well as with your patients, clients or citizens and helps you to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

In addition, we believe it is important that our business processes also meet these requirements and that our employees apply this principle and carry it out in their daily work. To this end, Enovation has set up a Management System that is periodically tested by an independent, expert third party. Under Information Security & Data Protection and Compliance & Governance you can read more about what we do and how we have set things up.

How we handle your data

Information Security & Data Protection

Our philosophy is that protecting (personal) data is inseparable from having adequate information security.

The high demands that you and the government place on our services form the guideline for how we handle your data and that of your patients, clients and citizens. Enovation fills this in the following way in. Here you can read how Enovation has arranged its Information Security & Data Protection.

Service Catalogue

For customers

If you purchase services from us, we usually process personal data on your behalf. You can read in our Service Catalogue how we handle Information Security  & Data Protection as a Processor and deal with personal data where you are the Controller.

Protection of your personal data

Privacy Statement

In order to inform visitors to our website, customers of our services and (potential) employees as clearly and transparently as possible about how Enovation handles personal data, we have drawn up a privacy statement.

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Manage your cookie usage

Cookie Policy

When you visit or use our website or online services, cookies will be placed for proper functioning. In order to inform you about this and to indicate how you can set and/or delete them yourself, we have drawn up a Cookie Policy for you.

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Managing vulnerabilities through collaboration

Responsible Disclosure

Enovation believes in the power of collaboration. That is why Enovation has a so-called ‘responsible disclosure’. In the unlikely event that you discover a vulnerability in our website and/or services, we encourage you to report this to us. We can then make our service even better and you will of course be rewarded appropriately.

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Expressing concerns safely

Whistleblowing Policy

We value and support a safe and protected work environment. The Whistleblowing Policy will support you in safely expressing your concerns. You can find out who to contact, how to make a report and the protections that are available to you.

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The standards we use and continuously meet

Compliance & Governance

Our goal is maximum protection of your data. By regularly reviewing our security and privacy measures, we make it clear and demonstrable to you that we do everything in our power to achieve maximum protection of confidential information.

The certificates we have obtained show that we consider the quality and security aspects of our processes to be of paramount importance. This applies to all Enovation locations, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. In the overview below we clearly state which standards and verifications apply. Would you like more information about the standard and/or view the corresponding certificate? Click on the standard in the overview below.


Standards and verifications

The Netherlands Germany The United Kingdom Spain
ISO 9001
ISO 27001
ISO 27799
NEN 7510 iNEN 7510. Dutch standard: Information security in healthcare
NTA 7516 iNTA 7516. Dutch Technical Agreement: applicable to the ZorgMail service provision in The Netherlands
MEDMIJ-DVZA iMedMij – DVZA. Dutch Agreements System: applicable to the Myhealthconnect service provision
DigiD iDigiD. Connection statement for suppliers in the The Netherlands
Cyber Essentials iCyber Essentials. UK Government backed scheme for Cyber Security.
IGSoC iIGSoC. Information Governance Statement of Compliance for UK organizations to access the NHS National Network.
TSA QSF iIQuality Standards Framework (QSF). Standard for Quality and Safety for Technology enabled care (TEC) services in the UK.

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