Monitoring Centre BRK München secures e-mail communication with Enovation Mail

Red Cross Munich (BRK München) has a scoop, as they are the first monitoring centre in Germany which chose Enovation Mail as a secure e-mail solution. Enovation Mail enables BRK München to send secure e-mails directly from their alarm monitoring platform, Enovation UMO. Following this implementation, we spoke with Mr Hansjosten, Head of the monitoring centre at BRK München.


Data protection

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic, the number of phishing attacks has increased dramatically, according to Europol’s cybercrime reports. BRK München also noticed this trend and had an incident last year. Luckily, a relatively small one without any data loss. However, it took them a full working day to recover their environment. Very undesirable effort. Hence, they have taken the next step to secure their e-mail communication with Enovation Mail.


Even though information security is an important aspect for choosing Enovation Mail, the business value was a key driver. When they shared sensitive information with external organisations, this was mostly done via fax. Even when they received an e-mail, they needed to reply via fax. Now, they can use their secure e-mail solution integration with Enovation UMO. This is easier and saves them time.

BRK München communicates with a lot of different organisations, such as insurance companies, third party care providers, authorities like the police or rescue departments, other DRKs and increasingly with the patients and their relatives. With Enovation Mail they can communicate easily, and the recipient can reply in a secure way.

“It was easy to implement without much effort from our IT department. We only did some tests, and it didn’t require training for the end-users”


Since BRK München started using Enovation Mail, they gained new insights about the support of new services. For example, they give patients tailored advice about their insurance subscription for additional needed care. Now they can send the personal information securely to the patient. Or as Mr Hansjosten stated: “You need to experience the product to create new use cases. You can’t think of everything prior to the decision whether you will use a secure e-mail solution. You need to try it, don’t be afraid. Just do it”.


One of the objections of new IT projects is mostly that they are complex and have a big impact on the organisation and roadmap. Mr Hansjosten was surprised by the process: “It was easy to implement without much effort from our IT department. We only did some tests, and it didn’t require training for the end-users”.

Enovation Mail

More than 24.000 public organisations (healthcare and local governments) use Enovation Mail for secure communication. It is a proven solution, offered by Enovation, which complies with multiple data protection and information security standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27700, NEN 7510 and NEN 7516. Do you want to know more about Enovation Mail? Feel free to contact us at or