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RIVM has insight into data from the 13-week scan, partly thanks to Enovation Mail

Suppose you have just become pregnant. It’s pretty exciting, especially the first time around, especially the first visit to see the midwife. Since September 2021, parents-to-be are offered not only the well-known 20-week scan but also a 13-week scan. This additional examination makes it possible to identify any serious physical defects in an unborn child around 13 weeks. This data has been recorded in the national Peridos database for prenatal screening: The Regional Centres for Prenatal Screening, under the direction of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) collect the data from all 13-week scans. They do this for the purpose of a national scientific study, IMITAS, so that researchers can assess the added value of these scans.

The RIVM turned to Enovation for the 13-week scan data because a survey of healthcare providers identified that many obstetric practices and hospitals already use Enovation Mail. The RIVM’s request was clear: the data resulting from the 13-week scan had to be bundled in a structured manner in the national Peridos database. Moreover, entering all this data should take obstetricians little or no extra time and effort.

The answer to these questions is a smart link between the midwives’ systems and the Peridos database at the RIVM. Sounds simple, but it isn’t. Enovation was able to provide a solution. At present more than twenty thousand organisations – including many midwife practices, use Enovation Mail; Enovation’s proven solution for the safe exchange of personal health information, and all these organisations are delighted to have the use of Enovation Mail to use for a multiple of varied reasons.

So question – how do you ensure that the data from the midwives’ systems are safely and structurally entered into the Peridos database in a bundled form? Peridos developed an automatically generated message so that all suppliers can input information into their obstetric systems. Enovation then takes care of the transport of the message using Enovation Mail. One mouse click is now sufficient to send the data digitally in a secure manner. Nearly all scan centres and midwife practices have now made this link operational.

What this means is that the data now flowing into the national database, has been made available to the IMITAS researchers. They can now investigate the pros and cons of a 13-week scan and how an early first trimester scan has been experienced by pregnant women, their partners and health care providers. It may also be of interest to note any differences between regions and if so, how can these differences be explained?

Behind the scenes, other similar links are already being considered. For example, the NIPT tests. This way, certain signals can be acted upon even more quickly. It is an honor for Enovation to be able to make a valuable contribution to medical research in obstetrics and no doubt, other uses in other clinical areas will emerge with time.

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