Capelle aan den IJssel, 20 december 2021

Successful recertification for Enovation

Enovation again successfully completed the certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27799 and NEN7510. The certifications apply to all activities and all national and international Enovation locations. Boomerweb and MULTIsignaal were included in the audit for the first time this year as part of Enovation Group and added new certifications. They expand with the ISO 9001 and ISO 27799 certification. MULTIsignaal also adds the NEN 7510 certification. Dekra, an independent and accredited institute, performed the audits.

Bianca Brooijmans, Data Protection Officer at Enovation: “At Enovation Group we work with a uniform management system at a corporate level. This reduces the chance of errors and increases transparency. There is a single description, or single point of truth, of the information security policy, for example, which applies to all activities and locations. With the extension of the certifications of Boomerweb and MULTIsignaal they now also show that they meet the maximum quality requirements and that they have arranged the information security for healthcare professionals at the highest level. Furthermore, the certification does not include any exclusions from the statement of applicability. We have achieved a great result with this, of which we are proud, because it shows that we are continuously working on improving information security and quality of service for our customers.”

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Enovation and patient portal specialist Funatic continue together Enovation

Enovation strengthens its market position with the acquisition of patient portal and mobile app provider Funatic.

Enovation UMO cx

Where the current Enovation UMO gives you optimal support in alarm handling, Enovation UMO cx goes one step further.

Monitoring Centre BRK München secures e-mail communication with Enovation Mail

Red Cross Munich (BRK München) has a scoop, as they are the first monitoring centre in Germany which chose Enovation Mail as a secure e-mail solution.

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