Capell aan den IJssel, 11 January 2021

Enovation UMO and Appello Smart Living Solutions compliant with BS8521-2           

Enovation and Appello are pleased to announce that the Enovation UMO monitoring centre platform and Appello’s digital Technology Enabled Care suite, Smart Living Solutions, have successfully finalised mutual testing and validation using the BS8521-2 protocol. BS8521-2 is an IP protocol focused on scheme equipment.

The product and development teams of both organisations engaged with a single goal, ensure a seamless integration of Appello’s digital grouped living (also known as schemes or warden call systems) with Enovation’s UMO monitoring platform using the BS8521-2 protocol published in 2020.

Factory Acceptance Tests were successfully completed on functionalities in December 2020,  and have been validated by both organisations.

This confirmation enables users of Enovation UMO to monitor Appello’s digital scheme equipment, Smart Living Solutions. Supporting the transition of the Technology Enabled Care industry from analogue to digital, and offering future-proofed solutions to Enovation UMO customers.

Interested to learn more or explore the possibilities?

Find below the contact details for both organisations

Enovation UK Office
Phone: 0844 5611814

Appello UK Office
Phone: 0333 321 6470 (Opt4)

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