The HagaZiekenhuis in The Hague, and soon also Zoetermeer, is continually working on the future.

Caring and patient-friendliness are high priorities, including through the affiliation with the Planetree concept for person-centred care. Reliable and flexible provision of information is part of this. To this end, HagaZiekenhuis has developed a digital strategy in which Funatic’s portals and mobile app are playing an increasingly bigger role.

Funatic developed the HagaZiekenhuis and Juliana Kinderziekenhuis websites and, in the past, also realised a social intranet and intensive care portal. The ‘MijnHaga’ mobile app has been launched for patients, linked to the HiX EPR and provided with appointment information and digital communications. This ‘digital front door’ of the hospital is continually being developed to prepare patients as best as possible for what is to come and to offer them more and more service facilities.