XYZ Care has been providing management services to its population of customers for many years and now wants to add alarm monitoring to its portfolio. With no existing alarm monitoring customers, it needs to be as attractive as possible to a wide range of residents in order to win new business. One of the best ways of doing this is to use a software platform that can cater for as many devices as possible.  XYZ also needs to be confident that it can live up to these claims without performing endless testing itself. Enovation UMO more than satisfies these needs, offering proven and certified integration with hundreds of technology-enabled care devices.

Device manufacturers are equally happy because they can approach XYZ with their new products and demonstrate that they have been Factory Acceptance Tested to work with Enovation UMO.  This is a short process for them to undergo, but it provides a worldwide passport to reach Enovation UMO’s 1.4 million end-user residents.