SupaCare runs a monitoring centre covering a large rural area.  Staff are geographically dispersed, so the ability to work remotely means that call-takers and admin staff can match their shifts to their lifestyle needs. Remote working was also critically important during Covid lockdowns. The centre looks after thousands of residents, including many acquired during the ongoing purchase of competitors. As such, there are many different suppliers and devices that need to be monitored. The centre prioritises calls according to the devices calling, and can present different calls to different teams, depending on skills and knowledge.  Performance reporting is done on individual teams as well as the centre overall.

Alarm calls vary dramatically. Call-takers need to be aware of what other calls are coming into the centre so that no residents are left unanswered. Sometimes callers just need a reassuring voice to talk to briefly. Other calls can involve third parties such as emergency services or relatives, often with a 3-way conference call which the call taker will either participate in or leave and re-join at the end.