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What is it

Integration of TEC devices

Integration of devices

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) device integration

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) devices helps people to live independently and to be cared for remotely.  They include simple push button alarms, sensors for falls, smoke or CO detection and even monitoring of vital signs. The integration of these devices is the process of ensuring that as many of them as possible work correctly in the context of a larger solution such as a monitoring centre.

The challenge

Why you should integrate with TEC devices

Innovation in technologies and services means an ever-broadening range of devices can now be connected to monitoring centres. Examples of services and applications in the market today include telecare, telecare IP, smart sensors, telehealth and mobile alarms. End users expect to be able to choose devices that match their capabilities and lifestyles and can communicate with the service provider’s systems correctly. Unfortunately for monitoring service providers, there are hundreds of suppliers of different devices, and many different ways in which they operate. Whatever your strategy as a monitoring centre is, there is considerable value in choosing a platform that is proven and certified to work as widely as possible.

If your strategy is to grow organically, then you will want to offer the full range of devices so that you will appeal to the maximum number of potential customers, and so that device suppliers will recommend your services to other organisations. If you are growing by acquisition, then your platform should not dictate or restrict your growth plans and must ensure that monitored devices work reliably and safely. And if a new user has decided on a device, then it would be ideal if the device supplier recommends you, knowing that your platform is guaranteed to work as intended.

The solution

How to unluck the potential of data via integration with TEC Devices

Integration (or interoperability) between devices and monitoring platforms, offer significant benefits to everyone concerned.

Devices and systems that are fully interoperable are able to share and interpret data consistently. They display the resulting information in a meaningful way that can be properly understood by the intended users. Integration allows “plug and play” flexibility and freedom of movement, improving outcomes for vulnerable clients and giving users and procurement departments a menu to select the right products for the best cost/benefit ratio.

Adherence to standards is part of the answer, but a guaranteed, proven and certified “stamp of approval” is what is really needed.  This demonstrates that integration has actually been tested and proven between the specific devices and the systems in question, giving all parties full confidence in the quality and reliability of the solution.

Case study

Integration of TEC devices – In practice

Read experiences from practice.

What it means to you

Integration of TEC devices – The advantages

See what advantages integration of TEC devices offers you.


Leading the field in openness and interoperability.


Avoids lock-in for future investment decisions.

Maximises choice

For end-users and procurement departments.

24/7 support

Testing and technical support for device suppliers.


Factory Acceptance Test certification.

How we can help

Our solution

Enovation Partner Program

The Enovation partner programme has been designed specifically to meet the needs of a market that increasingly demands openness and portability. Nearly 300 devices from 200 manufacturers have been tested through the programme, with manufacturers recognising the benefit of being able to offer their certified devices to all 340+ centres using Enovation UMO across Europe. The number of partners who are joining the programme is growing all the time. Knowing that their established interfaces will be validated and certified, so that monitoring centres can be assured that they will work correctly for them and for their customers.

This certification is essential to offer the widest possible range of high quality and reliable devices and interfaces to Enovation UMO monitoring centres. This allows centres to avoid lock-in to the vendor of the monitoring centre system and access the vast choice of TEC devices in the market.

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