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What it is


Connecting the business of healthcare to the mission of healthcare.

What is needed

Leveraging innovation

It is all about connecting the business of healthcare to the mission of healthcare. That means leveraging innovation in interoperability which will ultimately result in the successful delivery of higher quality care, improved customer and provider engagement, and bottom-line sustainability.

The challenge

Making interoperability more relevant

Interoperability is just one range of standards that suppliers are being asked to meet at any one time. As they have a finite capacity the lack of prioritization makes it complicated to understand what is a “must” and what is a “nice to have”. The result is that healthcare organisations are not able to understand what capabilities suppliers and their respective solutions may have with regards integration.

Too often, legitimate concerns about information governance are used to stifle progress on interoperability. NHS to NHS data sharing should not be an issue for information governance.

“Not invented here” syndrome. The NHS and social care sector tends to be reticent to adopt standards that have not been developed nationally or locally. This trends towards further fragmentation and variation, instead of adopting the internationally recognised version of any given standard.

There are still vast amounts of data that exist in isolation meaning that much data is either lost or not collected as it is assumed it is either not possible or too expensive to communicate with other systems.

The solution

How to unlock the potential of interoperability

The implementation of standards will help to ensure that the end result will be an improved user experience and better outcomes for patients. This will also help health tech companies, rather than making interoperability another in a long list of “tick box exercises”.

Many vendors already support these standards, but without being able to interact using them, they have to build bespoke integration. This makes adoption much harder. Furthermore, these standards have already solved these integration problems before the sharing of information, and suppliers do not want to re-invent the wheel and solve them. It is imperative that suppliers of solutions that support integration are able to utilize standards such as HL7, IHE, FHIR and APIs.

Interoperability solutions can help you meet these industry standards and are able to utilize them to meet user’s needs and combine, if necessary, local variations.



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What it means to you

Interoperability – The advantages

See what advantages interoperability offers you.

Accurate treatments

Increased levels of access to real-time patient data from key health agencies aids more accurate treatments.

Efficient patient care

Can positively impact the provision of care through avoidance of errors, duplication of work and optimising patient outcomes.

More collaboration

Interoperabilty makes it possible to build new connections, onboard new customers, migrate interfaces, adopt new standards, manage and secure your integration environment.

How we can help

Our solution


Healthcare today runs on increasing quantities of data from new sources and trading partners, crossing business and clinical siloes, with new protocols and standards. Without fluid exchange of this data, it will be impossible to streamline healthcare, reduce cost, introduce new services, and impact quality. To meet this challenge, integration today needs to be nimble, innovative, secure, and operate reliably at massive scale.

Infor® Cloverleaf Integration Suite (Cloverleaf) is renowned for its ease of use, power to handle complex integration, security, and customer proven scalability and reliability. This powerful software streamlines the exchange of clinical data to help improve healthcare outcomes and business operations.

Whether you need design consultation or complete integration services, Enovation is here to help. Enovation offers implementation consultants with years of Cloverleaf experience. Consultation and implementation services range from initial deployment and side-by-side training to fully managed services.

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