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Secure communication

Send secure e-mails to healthcare professionals.

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Secure communication

It is imperative that professionals in the health and social care world can communicate electronically with each other and with their patients or service users in a safe and confidential manner. Personal & patient specific data and interactions must be transmitted securely for both legal and ethical reasons.

The challenge

Why should you communicate securely?

Health and social care professionals constantly need to communicate with each other concerning patients and service users. Email and chat facilities are frequently used in order to increase efficiency and reduce delays in the process. Where the sharing of personal data is involved, such as medical conditions, or even simply data that identifies a person, we find that new security standards and GDPR regulations are dictating the way in which we must exchange sensitive information.

Failure to adhere to data security regulations can be costly. According to, 661 GDPR fines were issued during the first three years of European GDPR legislation, totalling 292 million euros. Every single EU nation, plus the UK, has issued at least one GDPR fine. Add to this the reputation cost, and the risk of future business loss after a well-publicised breach, and the case for a secure communications infrastructure becomes compelling.

The solution

Communicate securely. But how?

Our professional communication processes have evolved over the years and now include a wide variety of methods and tools.

Security is relatively easy to manage in face-to-face, office-based settings, but becomes more complicated as our interactions take place between different organisations and over multiple platforms and formats. Nowadays, the way we communicate and exchange information includes using formal documents, informal emails, multiple social media platforms, phone, video and many others. We have a number of basic requirements and assumptions about these methods, such as reliability and availability. For certain types of information, security also needs to be on this list.

When we add security, however, we don’t want to add yet another communication method. Security needs to be integrated seamlessly into our existing processes and tools, in order to minimise disruption to our working practices and to let us focus on the general business objective rather than worrying about content-specific tools. The aim is therefore to allow emails to be sent securely from within an application or mail client, for example, or for our video and chat sessions to be intuitive to use but also inherently secure.

Case study

Secure communication – In practice

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What it means to you

Secure communication – The advantages

See what advantages Enovation’s secure communication solutions offers you.

Enlisted in G-Cloud framework

Listing on the G-Cloud 13 framework makes the use of secure digital communication and data exchange more accessible for the public domain.

GDPR Proof

Compliant to the latest GDPR guidelines, giving confidence to you and your customers.

Increased Productivity

Productivity within your teams is increased by using real and relevant clinical and medical data in your ad-hoc chat.

European storage

Storage of email / chat information stays in Europe according to GDPR guidelines.


Smart integration with applications (such as Enovation UMO) allows you to include patient-specific data in your external communications, to add significant extra value to your residents’ families.


Information integrity is assured throughout the communications process.

How we can help

Our solution

Enovation Mail

Enovation Mail provides organisations with robust, integrated and secure methods of data exchange, ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential and accessible only to authorised stakeholders.
Enovation Mail can become part of your existing e-mail system, allowing you to encrypt and securely send e-mails.

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Enovation Zaurus

Enovation Zaurus provides digital consulting rooms and digital assistants for the best remote care. It lets you structure your most optimal digital communication setup, f.e. by making video calls, use chat or exchange files from digital consulting rooms. Or by offering a live chat option on your website.

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