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What it is

TEC monitoring

Living longer, independently at home. By applying modern technology, monitoring centres can offer remote care to vulnerable people who live in their own familiar environment.

TEC devices

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) monitoring & response

Many older people can continue to live independently thanks to TEC devices such as push-button alarms, and sensors for falls detection, smoke detection and vital signs. Monitoring and response centres provide a vital lifeline for these people, via these devices, and are constantly on hand should they be needed in the event of any issue or emergency around health and care.

The challenge

Making TEC monitoring & response more relevant

According to the UK government, around a third of people aged 65 and over, and around half of people aged 80 and over, fall at least once per year. The Public Health Outcomes Framework reported that in 2017 to 2018 there were 220,160 emergency hospital admissions related to falls among patients aged 65 and older, with around 67% of these patients aged 80 and over. Un-addressed fall hazards in the home are estimated to cost the NHS in England £435 million. The consequences of falls are obvious and have a major effect on the person. A fall can become even more traumatic if he / she cannot raise an alarm, and a prolonged period on the floor significantly increases the need for medical attention.

The solution

TEC monitoring & response can make a difference

Falls, fire and smoke, carbon monoxide and even so-called “activities of daily living” can all be monitored in the home using technology, allowing older people the dignity of living in their own home for longer.

Monitoring and response centres are like guardian angels for such people. The resident can live completely independently until the moment they need help, at which point the centre will be notified either automatically by the device or by the person.

Once notified, the monitoring centre will talk to the resident to reassure them that help is at hand. The centre will have the person’s alarm history as well as full details of carers, relatives, local support, key-safe number and blue light services.  The monitoring centre team can also perform additional functions such as a dial-in point for other services that the overall organisation can offer, such as that of call-taking for out-of-hours repairs lines.

Case study

TEC monitoring & response – A practical example

Read experiences from practice.

What it means to you

TEC monitoring & response – The advantages

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Enovation UMO is an open platform, not constrained to specific devices.

World class infrastructure

Our hosted platform offers best of breed security, availability, disaster recovery and business continuity.


Our Partner Programme certifies that Enovation UMO and products from suppliers integrate and work perfectly together.


Highly responsive 24×7 UK and international support and assistance.


Over 1.4 million people are already monitored by Enovation UMO customers.

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Our solution

Enovation UMO

Today’s monitoring centres need to be able to work with a wide range of devices as well as being flexible enough that they can be accessed by call-takers and other users from wherever they want to work. Enovation UMO is the most versatile on the market, proven and certified to work with hundreds of devices – both analogue and digital – and allowing staff to perform admin and call-taking roles from anywhere that has an internet connection. UMO provides unrivalled reporting capabilities, which makes it straightforward to produce mandatory and ad-hoc reports and to demonstrate adherence to KPIs. UMO is delivered in the form of software as a service, greatly reducing reliance on IT departments and simplifying finance via known monthly payments.

UMO cx is the newly-announced evolution of UMO and focuses on deepening the customer’s experience with the centre by offering a complete, 360-degree customer view and multi-channel access, plus improved interfaces and data exchange.

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