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Blue Prism

Improve your company’s performance by automating simple and repetitive work with Robot Processing Automation.

Reduce time and costs

Blue Prism. Your digital employee

The daily practice is that thousands of employees within healthcare organizations perform repetitive work manually. Whether it is patient registration, data conversion or financial transactions. This makes processes costly, time consuming and error prone. Traditional integration solutions often require the involvement of many parties in the chain, which makes them costly. Robotic process automation software from Blue Prism offers the solution.

How it works

Blue Prism works as follows

Blue Prism delivers a software robot which imitates the actions of a human user via the user interface of a computer application. A digital employee who literally takes over your manual and repetitive actions 24/7. The digital employee works through the user interface just as a human user would, so no back-end integration is needed to automate. This saves time and money.

With Blue Prism, you work smarter, safer, and more efficiently.

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Work more efficiently

Working more efficiently through Blue Prism is easy. A repetitive administrative action is processed manually by an employee in 11:29 seconds. Blue Prism processes this in only 1:23 seconds. A considerable time saving and your employee has time to focus on other activities.


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Case study

Warrington and Halton – A practical example

Warrington and Halton

Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust embarked on a major transformational programme to deliver a new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system.

In order to achieve a successful EPR deployment a major part of this programme was to migrate approximately 60,000 outpatient appointments in a little over 3 days. To add further complication the migration had to be able to cope with a 6 hour planned interruption part way through to allow other cutover activities to progress.

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What it means to you

Blue Prism – The advantages

See what advantages Blue Prism offers you.

Reduce workload

Reduces the workload of your employees. They can focus on other work.

Cost savings

By automating manual repetitive actions with a digital employee, you can reduce your operational costs by as much as 20-45%.


Repetitive, manual and human processing of tasks increases the chance of errors. Automating this increases accuracy.

24/7 availability

Do more work in a relatively short time with the 24/7 available digital employee.

In control

Remain in control of the process and identify faster where you can optimise.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration with your ICT landscape, without adjustments.


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