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Boomerweb has specialised digital care solutions that easily increase medication safety, improve wound care and enable remote guidance. These support healthcare professionals, hospitals, pharmacies and medical specialists to carry out their work in an innovative way. This enables you to be ready for the care of today and tomorrow and to create capacity for what is so badly needed; time and attention to people.

How it works

Boomerweb works as follows

Boomerweb allows you to work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

  • Increase medication safety through digital administration lists, electronic administration registration and the option of remote double checking.
  • Improve wound care and make the wound progress transparent by safely working together with all healthcare professionals involved in one digital file.
  • offer a smarter and more efficient answer to healthcare questions by providing remote care to one or more people via video calling.



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What customers say about us

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Case study

Boomerweb – In practice


Healthcare organisation Vérian has launched Boomerweb’s Medication Control App, with the aim of guaranteeing medication safety in their area of ​​work. “Digital administration registration helps us collaborate, connect and digitise and that fits very well with our organisation.”

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Beweging 3.0

How does the Wound Care App from Boomerweb help wound nurses in their work? “Saving time”, says Sonja van den Hazel, wound consultant at Beweging 3.0. “That’s what the Wound Care App means to us. As wound consultants, we used to spend a lot of time visiting clients and distributing, retrieving and storing wound care records,” she continues.

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What it means to you

Boomerweb – The advantages

See what advantages UMO cx offers you.

Appropriate solutions

The solutions will be further developed in close collaboration with healthcare organisations, doctors and pharmacies. As a result, they are always appropriate to your work processes.

Extended Support

Through extensive support, guidance and training, we ensure that the solution you choose is embraced within your organization.

Customized support solutions

Not every care organisation is the same and that is why we are happy to look with you at what is needed in the field of extra support. That is why, in addition to our support, we also offer customised solutions.


To guarantee privacy and security, Enovation complies with the latest standards of information security in healthcare (GDPR, ISO 9001, 27001, 27799 and in the Netherlands: NEN 7510, 7512, 7516 and AVG).

Seamless integration

Integration with all source systems. As a result, our solutions fit seamlessly into your IT landscape.


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