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Enovation Chat

Provide colleagues with specialist advice and targeted information, securely and in real time, within the health and care community.

Seamless communication

Communicate safely and quickly

Enovation Chat allows you to communicate with other professionals both safely and quickly. You can digitally inform and consult about patients with colleagues and members of your virtual teams via your device, allowing you to work together quickly and efficiently with highly relevant information. Enovation Chat brings you the convenience of status reports, push notifications, one-to-one chats, group chats, including a patient in the chat, and being able to exchange attachments up to 100 MB in a chat conversation.

How it works

Enovation Chat works as follows

With Enovation Chat you have the convenience of WhatsApp or a comparable chat app, but with the required levels of security and without the worry that data may be shared with parent companies or related companies.

  • communicate within a private network of healthcare professionals.
  • simply invite a colleague for a chat conversation via a private address book.
  • easily export chat conversations and attachments to your Enovation Mail solution and/or save them in the patient dossier of your information system.
  • chat conversations and attachments are protected in accordance with international privacy and security standards.

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In conversation with our customer

Qualityzorg is the home care organisation specialised in wound care. They use Enovation Chat to give specialist advice to professionals.


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Case study

Enovation Chat – In practice

Enovation Chat – A practical example

You have probably been in the following situations: you have a patient in your office whose wound is not healing properly and would like to get specialist advice quickly. Or, when administering high-risk medication to a patient, you need a colleague immediately for a double check.

“At such times, I want to be able to use a secure online tool for personal health information that allows me to reach my colleagues quickly and coordinate matters in real time.”

Enovation Chat offers you all these possibilities and more. Curious? Take a look below to see what else Enovation Chat can do for you.

What it means to you

Enovation Chat – The advantages

See what advantages Enovation Chat offers you.

Export to information system or Enovation Mail

Simply export chat messages and attachments from Enovation Chat to your information system or Enovation Mail.

Address book

Use the Enovation Chat address book to contact fellow professionals for specialist advice and consultation.

Seamless communication

Exchange chat conversations and attachments synchronously between the various Enovation Chat platforms: Web, iOS and Android.

Encrypted transmission and storage

Send chat messages and attachments via encrypted connections and store them encrypted in the Enovation Chat storage.


Use Enovation Chat just like other chat applications you are used to. With a clear and user-friendly user interface.

Store data no longer than necessary

Chat messages and attachments are automatically deleted after 90 days.


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