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Send secure emails to partners, carers and clients.

Fully GDPR compliant

Send emails securely and easily

Enovation Mail allows you to easily and securely communicate with partners, care providers, municipalities or clients. Communicating information about care, welfare or simply personal data involves rules and standards. Legislation such as the GDPR regulation sets the rules, but ethical aspects also play an important role. As a citizen or customer of an organization, you should have confidence that sensitive information is handled carefully. Enovation Mail helps you to comply with these rules and standards.

Enovation Mail supports you in sending e-mails safely, simply and securely. We make this possible through simple integrations within your mail solution (Outlook, Office 365, etc.) or from your information system. As a monitoring centre, you can, for example, send secure e-mails directly from Enovation UMO to fellow monitoring centres, response teams, housing teams or the service users and their relatives. Whether this concerns alarms or automated reports, everything is sent securely by default.

How it works

How Enovation Mail works

You can easily improve the cooperation with your partners and the service to your clients by sharing all relevant information through Enovation Mail. You never have to weigh up whether or not to share certain information or to choose an unsecure option because the process is so easy to follow.

You send secure emails with Enovation Mail because:

  • users and organisations are authenticated within a secure community;
  • users outside the community are provided with a secure environment;
  • You comply with security and privacy requirements and standards (such as GDPR and ISO standards);
  • Integration is possible with information systems (such as Enovation UMO).

In a few steps

Send secure e-mails

In just a few steps, you can send secure e-mails with Enovation Mail because;

  • Users and organisations are authenticated within a secure community
  • Users outside the community are provided with a secure environment;
  • You comply with security and privacy requirements and standards (such as GDPR and ISO standards);
  • Integration with information systems (such as Enovation UMO) is possible.


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Enovation Mail – In practice

What it means to you

Enovation Mail – The advantages

See what advantages Enovation Mail offers you.


Use secure communication to stimulate collaboration with fellow institutions, partners and your clients through optimal information exchange.


Enovation Mail is a proven solution with a community of over 20,000 institutions, exchanging more than 100 million messages annually.


Communication like you are used to, only safe. Enovation Mail integrates with your mail solution, such as Outlook or Office 365, but also with information systems.

Enovation UMO

Through optimal integration, you can send reports of alarms, automated processes or proactive welfare services safely to your partners or clients directly from Enovation UMO.

Communication with the Netherlands

Enovation Mail is able to translate communication standards into a suitable format. This way, Belgian (healthcare) institutions can easily communicate with Dutch (healthcare) institutions.


To ensure privacy and security, Enovation meets the latest standards of information security in healthcare (GDPR, ISO 9001, 27001, 27799 and in the Netherlands: NEN 7510, 7512, 7516 and AVG).


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