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Patient Portal and Mobile App as a Service

A cloud-based patient portal and mobile app with secure login, connected to your Electronic Patient Record (EPR). So, everything taken care of.

What is it?

The digital front door to the hospital

A user-friendly patient portal with mobile app in your organisation’s corporate style. With these tools, you support the patient and their relatives during the digital patient journey, before, during and after treatment in the hospital. The information from the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) is offered in a customised form and enhanced with available information from your hospital’s website and various eHealth and care pathway applications. This provides patients with access to all relevant information in one place, making it accessible and manageable.

An increasingly large part of care pathways is also being offered digitally, making it clear to the patient what is expected from them and what they can expect.

How does it work?

Funatic works as follows

With the patient portal and mobile app, you give patients clear access to all relevant (health) information, in part thanks to:

  • Secure login (‘TVS’ or Access Granting Service)
  • Onboarding, online registration and Single Sign-on
  • Delivery as a service, from certified Cloud Hosting Centres in the Netherlands
  • Integration with various Electronic Patient Records and eHealth applications
  • Familiar appearance in the care organisation’s corporate style
  • Clear messages and (push) notifications, also from underlying systems
  • Reuse of content over multiple channels, managed centrally, (push) notifications in the app
  • Accessible communication via chat, video calls, questionnaires and Enovation Mail
  • Accelerated digitisation through high usage rate

Client quotes

What clients say about Funatic

Customer story

Groene Hart Hospital

Funatic realised a brand-new ‘Mijn GHZ’ patient portal and mobile app with which patients can log in with DigiD and then access appointments, personal data and their health record. There is also a mobile app ready for patients, with comparable login functions as in the patient portal.

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Practical examples

Funatic – in practice

What it means for you

Funatic – the advantages

Secure login

Secure login with TVS including TPM certificates.

Mobile App

Low-threshold access for patients, anytime and anywhere.


Open architecture and attitude for connecting to third parties.

Digital front door

One gateway to all information in the corporate style.

Access to records

Insight into their own health record with the option to download and share it.


Schedule and change appointments, questionnaires and digital registration.


Support of national standards for exchanging information.


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