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Enovation considers it important that you make optimal use of our solutions and maximise the benefits.

By using them correctly, you will work faster and more efficiently and gain added value from our solutions. We can help you with that. Our professionals will guide you to successfully implementing your services, from the first preparations to the ongoing management. Not just for a while, but for as long as you wish, ensuring that we are successful together.

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What you can expect from us

The service we provide depends on the solution you are using.

This can consist of:

  • Consultancy & Project Management;
  • Service & Support;
  • Education & Training.

Read below what you can expect from us.

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Advice and implementation



Good advice and effective communication is the best start of a project.

We support organisations in making choices that optimise the introduction of new processes. The added value we offer is our broad knowledge and experience of the entire spectrum within healthcare. This also applies to our projects.

Each project is unique. Regardless of the size of the project, each organisation has its own requirements, different systems and unique business processes. Our experts understand this, they understand your organisation’s processes and adapt the implementation of the project accordingly. This way, our consultancy always fits like a glove!

IT support


Service & support

A contract includes agreements on Service & Support.

We record these agreements in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Dossier of Agreements and Procedures (DAP). With these, we guarantee the quality of the service, with our Service Managers monitoring proactively. In addition, our support department is ready to answer all your questions about the use of your solution: we are happy to help you.

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Service & support

Are you an Enovation customer and do you need support? Contact us and our team of experts will help you immediately.

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Education & Training

Enovation helps you to stay in development and gain knowledge to get the best out of your solution.

Depending on the chosen solution, we offer standard and tailor-made trainings. Both remotely and on-site. Whichever education or training you choose, they are always aimed at ensuring optimal use of the solution and that you are well supported to handle the day-to-day management.

What it means to you

The benefits

Together we ensure good focus and valuable improvements. Success guaranteed.


Let us relieve you of your worries during the implementation of complex projects concerning smart digital care


Take advantage of our broad knowledge and skills in the areas of project management, consultancy and service management


Many years of experience in the field of smart digital care

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