Who we are

Who is Enovation?

We are Enovation, your independent, experienced and reliable guide for collaboration and eHealth.

What we go for

Our vision

Smarter and more efficient healthcare by procviding the connected care.

Where we stand for


Our mission

Contribute to better collaboration and eHealth by connecting healthcare organisations, professionals and patients to exchange data.

What we want to achieve

Our goal

Ensure that healthcare is sustainable and scalable, both now and in the future through collaboration and eHealth with our customers and partners.

Our history

The milestones

Why Enovation

That’s why Enovation

Enovation helps healthcare organisations to work better together and to improve digital care for patients and service users.

A unique platform consisting of applications for information sharing and collaboration makes it possible to fulfill this goal. In addition, Enovation has a team of more than 250 experienced specialists who can dream up the processes, message standards and protocols in Healthcare ICT. Fortunately, it doesn’t stop with dreams. Every day they implement new applications based on HL7, FHIR, SCAIP, XML, EDIFACT, etc. As an independent organization, Enovation works closely with system suppliers to provide health and care organisations with the best solution.

You need a special kind of people to be at the forefront of a highly diverse, complex and ever-changing landscape of health and care applications. That’s us.

Some key figures

Facts and figures

Enovation is so much more than a few key figures.

To give you an overview of Enovation as a leading player with clear results, we have listed a number of facts & figures:


38 years of experience in the world of healthcare it


275+ employees worldwide


24,000+ organisations use our solutions


250,000+ healthcare professionals use our solutions

Connected care

500+ Connected Information Systems and Devices


1,500,000+ people receive remote digital care


10,000,000,000+ secure messages per year


NEN7510 / ISO27001 / ISO27799 /ISO9001 certified

Local expertise

Worldwide player

Together with more than 250 employees in 11 locations, we serve clients in 19 countries. We offer you the opportunity to make the best use of our local expertise, products and services. Find the Enovation office closest to you.

The Netherlands

Rivium Quadrant 2
2909 LC Capelle aan den IJssel

T: +31 (0)88 8 366 366
E: info.nl@enovationgroup.com
W: www.enovationgroup.com/nl


Noorderlaan 147, Box 9,
2030 Antwerpen

T: +32 (0)3 302 03 96
E: info.be@enovationgroup.com
W: www.enovationgroup.com/be


Montparnasse Business Centre
75006 Paris

E: info.fr@enovationgroup.com
W: www.enovationgroup.com


Hochstadenstrasse 11
41469 Neuss

T: +49 (0)2137 935 9340
E: info.de@enovationgroup.com
W: www.enovationgroup.com/de

United Kingdom

Suite 17 Link 665 Business Centre
Haslingden BB4 5HU

T: +44 (0) 8445 61 18 14
E: info.co.uk@enovationgroup.com
W: www.enovationgroup.com/en

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