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The Enovation platform

The Enovation platform is the platform for collaboration and eHealth, where health and care information is always available to the right professional at the right time, wherever they are.

Our platform helps organisations to collaborate with health and care providers. As well as offering digital care services to patients, clients and citizens, based on secure information exchange and process support. Seamlessly integrated within your existing processes and your own information system, based on national and international security standards.

Our suite

Collaboration and eHealth

The Enovation platform is built around the themes of collaboration and eHealth.

The products from our platform are delivered as Software as a Service. All this with the aim of reducing your worries and focusing on the safe digital exchange of medical data, self-made measurements, signals and alarms within every possible process in the care network.

4 categories

Enovation platform

Our platform consists of four product categories with the following software products developed specifically for the healthcare sector, the majority of which are developed by ourselves.

Securely send EDIFACT, HL7, XML, e-mail and chat push messages within your own healthcare organisation, with other healthcare organisations and to the patient.

Enovation Mail

Enovation Chat

Make images, documents and information building blocks available in a controlled way to patients, family and college healthcare professionals in the healthcare network, so they can request and view them.

Based on the latest technical standards such as DICOM, HL7v3, IHE-XDS and FHIR.

Enovation myhealthConnect

Enovation XDS

Enovation lspConnect

Active cooperation in a joint application for the deployment of image care, medication control, wound care treatment, identification of at-risk individuals, referral or transfer of a patient.

As well as managing personal alarms and remote care services with care centres, patients and informal carers.


Enovation POINT


Enovation UMO cx

Integrate systems and devices within your own organisation.

Independent of source system, message format or communication protocol with secure APIs, message integration, translations, archiving and monitoring. System integration is the basis for good cooperation and deployment of digital care. The following products are built by our solution partners.



Blue Prism


More about our vision?

What it means to you

Enovation platform – the advantages


Open platform, independent of EPDs and devices


Large diversity of possibilities for secure information exchange


Wide range of possibilities for secure digital care


Supports relevant national & international standards


Compliant with relevant legislation and standards


24,000+ affiliated organizations use our solutions

Connected care

500+ Connected Information Systems and Devices

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