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Partner Programme

UMO Certified partner programme

The key strength of the UMO platform is our open platform philosophy, which enables interfacing with many products, applications and services. We therefore work closely with a growing group of product partners who have established validated interfaces to the UMO platform.

Certified interfaces with the UMO platform gives partners the opportunity to offer products and services to a growing global network of UMO customers. This certification is essential to offer high quality and reliable interfaces to UMO monitoring centres.

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Important notes:

I. The purpose of the Factory Acceptance Test is to validate the developed interface to the UMO platform. When the interface to the UMO platform is being evaluated and validated, Enovation Group will not make any judgment regarding the (technical) quality and functionality of the used device(s). Important remarks in relation to the interface will be mentioned at the bottom of the FAT document.

II. The FAT document is also important to get an insight in the functionalities of a product or service which are available in the developed interface.

III. Being UMO Certified partner does not imply that all applications offered by a partner are UMO Certified. Therefore we strongly recommend to take notice of further specifications by requesting the official FAT document(s) from our certified partner, regarding the connected application(s).