Have patients lost overview due to fragmentation in care?

This is our solution

We are Enovation

About us

We’re here for the healthcare sector. We’re here for the dedicated professionals who devote their personal attention to each and every patient. We’re here for the organisations who provide ever more complex care to a rising number of people with fewer staff. We’re here for the caregivers and prevention officers. And we’re here for the patients and clients who want to receive the assistance and care they need, today, tomorrow and in the future.

A sustainable healthcare system

We believe that by working together, we can create a sustainable healthcare system, ensuring high-quality care that is accessible to everyone. Always. How? By bringing technology and healthcare together and facilitating cooperation and connections between people.


We assist by developing connected care solutions that support healthcare professionals and clients in an innovative way.

Digital tools that allow organisations to provide digital care in a smart, efficient way and collaborate with one another and with the client.

This is how we contribute to the healthcare system of the future. A system in which we rely on technology, but that allows healthcare providers to focus on the most important thing: giving patients their time and attention.

Enovation. The number 1 partner and specialist in the field of digital healthcare and collaboration.

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We are proud that Enovation has been around for 40 years. It’s an anniversary we celebrated with our employees at a memorable event.

Our core values

We take responsibility for the work we do and are committed to security and integrity in our work. Our goal is to provide consistent high quality service, based on our knowledge and expertise, alongside professionalism and diligence. We honour our commitments and keep our promises – even when things get difficult. We fight to earn and maintain your trust. It’s something we’re good at – and have been for the past 40 years.

We are curious and inquisitive, spot opportunities and create unconventional solutions. We connect ‘cold’ technology with ‘warm’ care. We are involved in developments in the market and in society, we look ahead and anticipate people’s future needs. This allows us to give the best of ourselves and our solutions.

Commitment is in our DNA, which means we can truly put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and understand their needs. We understand why a customer wants specific solutions, how we can deliver these, and what it takes. That commitment is reflected in our partnership with customers, partners and industry professionals. Commitment also means not losing sight of the human dimension. After all, our ultimate goal is to improve healthcare – that’s what drives us.

We care deeply about healthcare and are passionate about our products, vision and technological developments. We enjoy rolling up our sleeves and working hard to find the best solution. We are a vibrant and positive company, which leads to more creativity and improved performance, allowing us to achieve excellent results for our customers. The interests of our customers are always our priority and we are convinced that our enthusiasm contributes to providing better care.

We believe that we can achieve more with transparency. We are committed to openness and freedom. To being open to people, ideas and parties to collaborate with. We promote this through our platform and our corporate culture. We give you the freedom to keep working with your own solutions – and we are happy to make that happen.

Meet our board members.

From left to right: Johan Vos (CPO), Marcel van der Velden (CCO), Jeroen van Rijswijk (CEO), Patrick van der Poel (CFO) and Dré Lamier (CTO)

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Enovation in figures – a summary

0 years
Founded in 1983 and a well-known player in the world of technology and healthcare ever since.
0 thousand
We have built a community of more than 25,000 integrated healthcare organisations
0 thousand
Within our community, more 250,000 healthcare providers securely exchange medical data every single day.
0 +
integrated systems, applications & devices. Data exchange cannot take place without this integration.
0 million
people use our digital healthcare platform.
0 billion
More than 10 billion messages pass through our platform each year.

The Enovation Platform

The Enovation Platform is the leading platform for connected care. Our software supports digital care and collaboration throughout the patient journey. From early detection to remote monitoring, and everything in between, our platform facilitates integrated care – at every stage.

The Enovation Platform

Our milestones


Enovation is founded.


Expansion into the United Kingdom.


A branch is also being opened in Spain


Belgium is added to our growing business.


Comvio becomes part of Enovation.


The healthcare sector in France is also getting to know Enovation.


Z-Networks joins the Enovation community.


Meddex becomes part of the Enovation community.


The organisation Point joins the Enovation Group.


The companie Verklizan joins Enovation.


Enovation strengthens with MULTIsignal.


Boomerweb joins Enovation.


Zaurus become part of Enovation.


Funatic joins Enovation.


Expansion into Sweden.


Medimo is added to Enovation.

Where do we operate

We support (healthcare) organisations in 18 countries –
from our headquarters in the Netherlands and 13 offices worldwide.

The Netherlands

Rivium Quadrant 2 2909 LC Capelle aan den IJssel +31 (0)88 8 366 366

United Kingdom

Suite 17 Link 665 Business Centre Haslingden BB4 5HU +44 (0)8445 61 18 14


Hochstadenstrasse 11 41469 Neuss +49 (0)2137 935 9340


Noorderlaan 147, Box 9, 2030 Antwerpen +32 (0)3 302 0396


Monteparnasse Business Centre 75006 Paris +32 03 302 03 96


Finlandsgatan 36 SE-164 74 Stockholm +46 70 87 46 107