Have patients lost overview due to fragmentation in care?

This is our solution


We provide smart solutions to various parties, including hospitals, treatment centres and laboratories, to deliver the best medical care, aimed at curing and treating patients, as well as supporting patient recovery.

Performance under pressure!

The demand for medical care exceeds the supply,  resulting in significant pressure on healthcare professionals. Chronic conditions lead to a significant and complex care burden. Any delay in diagnosis or treatment has an enormous impact on the patient’s healing and recovery process. Nevertheless, expectations remain high. Digital solutions can improve the healthcare system.

A comprehensive approach is crucial to ensure that care remains affordable and accessible. This requires barrier-free cooperation with partners in the chain as well as centralised coordination of care, offering the right expertise at the right time – driven by reliable data and supported by accessible information, from various data sources.

Enovation is a reliable partner, providing solutions in the field of:

  • Integration of and access to healthcare systems
  • Access to information in apps, portals and viewers
  • Structured message exchange
  • Medication process
  • Record transfer
  • Transfers and transfer processes
  • Integration with national infrastructures
  • Secure video calls, chat and email

What kind of solutions do we offer?

The digital transformation of the healthcare system requires smart solutions.  Solutions that increase the efficiency of ‘cure’ professionals, leaving them with more time to focus on the patient.

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Who can we help?

  • Hospitals
  • Specialist Medical Treatment Centres
  • Laboratories and Medical Diagnostic Centres
  • Radiotherapeutic institutes

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