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Digital record transfer from the hospital or GP practice to other healthcare organisations in the network.

Transfer is part of our Enovation POINT product.

Working together in a joint record transfer

As a nurse, carer or nursing specialist, you collect information every day that needs to be transferred to colleagues from other healthcare organisations. The exchange of this information is crucial for good healthcare. This isn’t always done digitally yet, which means you have to manually copy information. This is frustrating and increases the risk of errors in a transfer.

Transferring a patient goes beyond exchanging only information. It’s a cross-boundary care process that consists of closely cooperating healthcare organisations within a regional care network. This demands insight into the available capacity and status of the aftercare request to prevent unnecessary and unanswered telephone calls.

This is why transfers between hospitals, nursing homes, care homes and homecare, mental health institutions and rehabilitation centres are most efficient when all parties cooperate in one joint transfer record. This offers the required cooperation to transcend boundaries, supporting communication and workflows in the transfer process. Additional details regarding the transfer can also be registered here. This gives every organisation involved access to the most up-to-date information about the patient transfer.

Transfer in the care process

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