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Smart remote healthcare

Digitally monitor and coach patients and clients at home.

Telemonitoring is part of our Enovation UMO/Enovation UMO cx product.

Digitally communicate measurement data and healthcare information from home

Telemonitoring is used increasingly in healthcare. More and more patients use an app and/or a measurement device at home to share health information with care providers. This is often the hospital, but it could also be a GP or care centre.

Telemonitoring is not only a digital tool, but also a different approach to providing care. This smart remote care method consists on the one hand of monitoring to identify deviating (measured) information. On the other hand, it provides coaching to influence behaviours and stimulate independence and autonomy.

The best way for healthcare organisations to organise telemonitoring is as a central service with an adequate scale and reach. Or start a partnership with care centres who are already monitoring people at home via their personal alarms.

As most telemonitoring takes places outside the confines of your own healthcare organisation, a good collaboration with other caregivers within the healthcare network is particularly important. Especially if the patient suffers from multiple conditions.

Scaling up to a regional level through a medical service centre or regional coordination centre is a logical future step.

Telemonitoring in the healthcare process

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