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Safely email organisations and people in the public and healthcare domain

Easily communicate with chain partners, healthcare professionals, patients, occupational healthcare services, municipalities and citizens.

Secure Email is part of our Enovation Mail product.

Secure emails

There are several ways to exchange digital information in healthcare. Email is a frequently used method. It makes sense as sending an email is an everyday occurrence.

However, a lot of healthcare information involves sensitive data, such as personal healthcare information. People expect healthcare and public organisations to exchange this information with great care. This includes emails.

Professionals and providers of secure email solutions must take adequate measures to safeguard the security of the information. This is done by emailing via a secured network.

In the Netherlands, standard NTA 7516 defines the requirements for sending secure emails in healthcare. If you send an email without adhering to this standard you, as a professional, are liable. Enovation Mail is compliant with this Dutch standard, also reducing the risk of liability for users in the UK and anywhere else in Europe.

In addition to technical and functional requirements for the email solution, organisational measures are also part of the standard for secure email use in healthcare. Best practices and the awareness of professionals and people are just as important as the email solution itself.

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