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National Switch Point (LSP)

Healthcare infrastructure for sharing observational and medication data between healthcare providers.

Our LSP solution is Enovation lspConnect.


National healthcare infrastructure managed by VZVZ

The National Exchange Point (LSP) is the national healthcare infrastructure in the Netherlands, managed by VZVZ. VZVZ is an association of umbrella organisations in Dutch healthcare and of their patients.

LSP is primarily a so-called ‘pull’ healthcare infrastructure, which requests medical data from the source record of the relevant healthcare provider(s) using an index. This requires prior patient permission (opt-in). LSP also features extensive security requirements for logging in, a secure GZN connection, and an extensive authorisation matrix to prevent unauthorised use and data breaches.

LSP is primarily used for exchanging medication data between prescribing physicians and pharmacists who monitor and issue medication. LSP is also used at GP practices to check the summary of a patient’s record during evening and night shifts when a patient has checked into the GP services.

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