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Reduce care pressure with digital assistants

Optimise work processes or facilitate a digital service point with sophisticated chatbots.

Chatbot is part of our Enovation Zaurus product.

Digital assistants

These days chatbots are incredibly popular on websites. We increasingly get prompted with a popup asking if we need help with something. This automation greatly benefits the efficiency in healthcare.

Moreover, the design and language use of chatbots can be personalised as digital assistants, so they will be a good fit for your healthcare organisation’s identity. This allows you to communicate with patients in a personal manner.

Based on automatised rules, a digital assistant can speak to your patients without the need for a healthcare professional.

Digital assistants help healthcare professionals by answering simple questions or taking care of routine tasks through a chat pop-up on the browser. This gives healthcare providers more time for important patient contact.

The digital assistants work for your healthcare organisation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, helping to resolve staff shortages in healthcare.

Chatbots support the healthcare process

Find out what Chatbot can offer you.

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