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Monitor the medication safety of patients properly

What is Lab4Apo?

Lab4Apo is an application that allows pharmacists to monitor the medication safety of patients/clients by instantly accessing patients’ lab results digitally.

Medication monitoring is one of the most important tasks of pharmacists when dispensing medicines. Lab4Apo is a module of Enovation Mail.

On this page, we explain the benefits of Lab4Apo and explain (briefly) how the application works. Pharmacists who have any immediate specific (technical) questions about the possibilities for their practice are advised to contact our specialists.


Why use Lab4Apo?

Because monitoring medication safety is one of the most important tasks of a pharmacist when dispensing medicines.

  • Medication safety is closely linked to accurate medication monitoring by the pharmacist. It happens regularly that someone ends up in a hospital because of a medication monitoring error. The chances of something like this happening can be reduced through an application like Lab4Apo.
  • Laboratory results play an important role in proper medication monitoring. This is part of the Medical Pharmaceutical Decision Rules (Medisch Farmaceutische Beslisregels, MFB’s).
  • Finally, Lab4Apo has a seamless link with Enovation ZorgMail and other solutions of the Enovation Platform. This ensures both ease of use and added value for healthcare provision.


How does Lab4Apo work

Lab4Apo allows pharmacists to receive laboratory values from laboratories. These can be independent laboratories or hospital laboratories. Pharmacists can access an agreed number of laboratory values per patient with a subscription.

The data is shared between the laboratory and the pharmacist via the citizen service number (BSN). Laboratories easily provide consent via Lab4Apo, ensuring the information is privacy proof. Pharmacists can ‘subscribe’ to a patient, allowing them to choose who they want to receive lab data from.

Link with Pharmacy Information System (Apotheek Informatie Systeem, AIS) 

Lab4Apo can be linked to all Pharmacy Information Systems, such as Pharmacom, CGM Pharmacy, Apro, HiX Pharmacy and FarmaSys. The patient consent can be displayed in the Pharmacy Information System or in Lab4Apo. Those wishing to receive an overview of how consent is given with various Pharmacy Information Systems can contact us. Enovation has developed a ‘consent API’, which automatically synchronises patient consents registered in the Pharmacy Information System with the Lab4Apo application.


The Lab4Apo application can be further expanded with Lab4Apo Interconnect. This allows laboratories/hospitals not only to share the agreed laboratory values with primary care providers, but also to make the internal message flow for the benefit of (poly)clinical patients available to Lab4Apo. This provides pharmacists with even more and more complete information.

Digitally exchange lab results with the pharmacy

Pharmacists need lab results to dispense the correct medication and doses to patients. With Lab4Apo from Enovation ZorgMail, specific lab results can be made available automatically in the pharmacy’s Pharmacy Information System with the patient’s consent. This enhances medication safety. Watch the video on the smart exchange between laboratories and pharmacies.

Combination with elabConnect

Lab4Apo works closely with elabConnect. elabConnect is an application for laboratories, Lab4Apo is for pharmacists. The interplay between the two is user-friendly and easily facilitated by Enovation.

elabConnect is Enovation’s solution that allows laboratories to securely and digitally make up-to-date patient laboratory values available to pharmacists.

Lab4Apo allows these laboratory values to be automatically delivered to the pharmacist’s information system in the patient’s record.

All this with the consent of the laboratory and consent of the patient with the pharmacist. The ideal combination to increase patients’ medication safety.

Lab4Apo in numbers

pharmacists use Lab4Apo
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The advantages of Lab4Apo

How can you request Lab4Apo?

Lab4Apo can be requested as a module with ZorgMail.

  • Via the button on the right
  • By phone via +31 (0)88 – 8 366 399
  • Via email

Contact us

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Lab4Apo at a glance

Lab4Apo ensures that pharmacies are supported in one of their core tasks: monitoring medication safety. It is a secure and efficient solution for receiving patient laboratory values directly into the Pharmacy Information System. 

Via ZorgMail in combination with Lab4Apo, a pharmacist can receive over 70 established laboratory values of selected patient(s). Many laboratories and hospitals make these laboratory values available to Lab4Apo.

Lab4Apo works on the basis of a patient’s uniquely identifying data (name, date of birth, gender and citizen service number). Lab4Apo has a consent database, in which the consent given by a patient to a pharmacy (and registered in the Pharmacy Information System) is synchronised with Lab4Apo. As soon as a lab result is available, Lab4Apo sends it to pharmacies with a registered consent of the patient concerned.

Linked pharmacy information systems 

Several pharmacy information systems are linked to this module and display the values in the system.

  • Pharmacom from PharmaPartner
  • CGM Apotheek from CGM
  • Apro from Promedico
  • HIX Apotheek from Chipsoft
  • FarmaSys from SmartMed (formerly CareSoft)
  • Vidivici