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Healthcare information exchange

Collaborating within the healthcare network and relying on comprehensive and accurate patient information.

Incomplete patient information 

To provide quality care, we must have correct and accurate patient information. If any information is missing, it could lead to an inaccurate patient assessment and affect the care provided.

But as healthcare professionals you work with a growing number of organisations within any given network, with information coming in from many different areas, from different infrastructures, applications and standards.  This means that the effective exchange and transfer of data is becoming increasingly more important – and more complex.

A single data exchange platform

An effective information exchange requires a solution that connects and unifies the fragmented healthcare landscape. A user-friendly platform that aligns with all key standards and transmits information to partners in the right formats – regardless of the technology used by that partner. This results in a network that always has the right patient information available and provides the best possible care.

A single data exchange platform ensures:

  • More effective cooperation within the care network.
  • Better care due to better knowledge.
  • Information in the correct format.
  • Alignment with national and international standards.
  • Supports push and pull mechanisms.

The data exchange and transfer solutions

Enovation combines technical knowledge and 40 years of experience in the healthcare sector into a comprehensive platform for optimal data sharing and transfer, giving you the right solutions for your organisation.


Sending structured messages between the information systems of, for example, GPs, pharmacists and hospitals.

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Standardised disclosure of clinical data elements based on the international standard FHIR.

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Connect safe and simple to the National Switch Point (LSP) with your healthcare system.

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View medical images, reports, documents, basic healthcare data set and lab results.

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Complete transfer from hospital or GP to other healthcare organisation in the network.

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Sharing of digital medical images and documents with collaborating healthcare organisations based on international IHE standards.

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The benefits of healthcare information exchange