Have patients lost overview due to fragmentation in care?

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Mobile Responder

enovation umo / umo cx

Provide quick follow-up at a client's home after an emergency alarm

App to support mobile care workers to make client visits and attend to client needs.

Mobile follow-up is part of our Enovation UMO/Enovation UMO cx product.

Mobile follow-up in cooperation with the care centre

It’s essential that professional care workers in the field who respond to emergencies have access to complete and up-to-date client information.

Sharing this information between the care centre operator and the care worker by phone is time consuming, distracting and error prone.

The Mobile Responder app offers a secure and easy way to send follow-up requests to care workers in the field, provide supporting information, and to allow the monitoring centre to monitor progress.


The operator forwards the emergency notification to a group of care workers or to a single responder from a list of people who have confirmed their availability through the Mobile Responder app. Everyone in a group request will be informed if the notification has been accepted by another team member

After acceptance, the care worker reviews the client information and travel directions shown, and directly updates the monitoring centre when they set off, arrive at the client’s home and then leave, together with actions and remarks.

It’s also possible to add and share comments and photos of medication changes or mobility issues in the app for current or future emergency calls.

This is how the mobile follow-up supports the care process

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