Have patients lost overview due to fragmentation in care?

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Telecare alarm monitoring

Elderly people can live independently for longer, with assistance provided quickly when needed.

Independent living for as long as possible

We all want to live independently in our own home for as long as we can. At home, in a familiar environment, in a world we know. All that becomes more difficult once we start needing care. That’s when we want to have the right people and the right assistance on hand – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technology Enabled Care (TEC) services are essential to make that happen, especially solutions that enable personal alarm and telecare monitoring.

The right assistance with one push of a button

Digital solutions for personal alarms and monitoring make the right care accessible to everyone living at home. From help after a fall to medication checks and from short video calls to more extensive visits – it can all be provided with the touch of a button and is easily organised by care centres. This is how healthcare technology becomes indispensable to client and care providers.

Platform for telecare alarm monitoring:

  • An independent and open platform.
  • Interoperable with a wide range of telecare and health device.
  • Mobile follow-up.
  • Medication checks.
  • Secure communications (visual care and email)

Discover the solutions of telecare alarm monitoring

Enovation has developed an open and independent platform that gives you access to key functionalities to provide an effective personal alarm and monitoring system.

Personal Alarm

Monitor alarms from hundreds of types of connected devices from many manufacturers, many of them officially certified through the Enovation Partner Programme for added reassurance.

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Providing remote care and monitoring of a wide variety of sensors and services for clients at home or in sheltered accommodation.

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Mobile Responder

Alarm follow-up by mobile teams at the patient’s home, coordinated by the monitoring centre.

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Conduct video consultations or multi-disciplinary meetings with colleagues, patients and clients. From your desktop, laptop, tablet
or smartphone.

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