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Cloverleaf Training Level 1

Online, 4 days

The basics

Learn all about the basics of Cloverleaf in the level-1 training.

What does it entail?

This training provides an introduction to the concept of the communication server and familiarity with the graphical interface of Infor® Cloverleaf Integration Suite (Cloverleaf). In addition, this training contains explanations on how to establish a connection. After this training, the trainee will be able to build, modify and manage links using the graphical interface.

Topics covered during training:

  • Using and applying functions within Cloverleaf using the GUI.
  • Designing, defining and testing: message formats(including HL7 and FRL).
  • Translations, interfaces and reading and interpreting log files.

Learning objectives

  • Applying functions with the GUI
  • Designing message formats (HL7)
  • Designing and defining translations
  • Design and definition of interfaces
  • Application and testing of interfaces
  • Monitoring processes and log files


  • The level 1 training course lasts four days
  • The training course concludes on the last day with a theory and practical exam
  • If a course participant does not pass the exam, the course may be repeated once free of charge within one year of the date of the course
  • Successful completion of the exam entitles the student to the “Cloverleaf Certified Technician” certificate


  • Administrator-level knowledge of operating systems
  • Introduction to HL7
  • Knowledge of the operation of Graphical User Interfaces

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