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Cloverleaf Training Level 2

Online, 5 days

Developing in-house

For professionals who want to develop all links within a Cloverleaf environment in-house, the level 2 training is invaluable.

What does it entail?

In this training, you will learn to develop links within an Infor® Cloverleaf Integration Suite environment on your own. This training further delves into the operation of Cloverleaf to an advanced level and is a continuation of the Cloverleaf Level 1 training.

After this training, you will be able to achieve the parts of links, which cannot be realised with the graphical interface, using scripts.

Learning objectives

  • Writing Tcl scripts.
  • Applying Tcl scripts within message flows.
  • Command-line functions.
  • Operation of interfaces down to process level.
  • Message manipulation using Tcl.
  • Message response handling (ACK/NACK).


  • The level 2 training course lasts 5 days.
  • The training concludes on the last day with a theory and practical exam.
  • If a trainee does not pass the exam, the course may be retaken once free of charge within one year from the date of the course.
  • Successful completion of the exam entitles the student to the certificate “Infor® Cloverleaf Certified Engineer”.


  • Successful completion of the Level 1 exam is required to attend this course.
  • You have knowledge of the scripting language Tcl.Programming background.
  • You have at least 3 months’ experience building links within Cloverleaf.

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