Have patients lost overview due to fragmentation in care?

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Enovation myhealthConnect

Access healthcare information building blocks (zibs) via FHIR.

One secure integration solution for data availability

Giving patients more control over their healthcare process requires the ability to securely share medical information from the healthcare provider’s healthcare information system. This information needs to be available to patients in all Personal Health Records (PHRs) and eHealth applications, but also to healthcare providers in their information systems such as the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) or Electronic Client Record (ECR).

Enovation myhealthConnect enables access to medical information from the EPR and integrates this with all PHEs, eHealth applications and all other healthcare professionals’ information systems in the healthcare network.

Enovation myhealthConnect in the Platform

Enovation myhealthConnect supports connected care.


Standardised disclosure of clinical data elements based on the international standard FHIR.

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