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news | 04 July 2024

New collaboration between nexuzhealth and Enovation facilitates international communication

Secure digital messaging between Belgian hospitals and Dutch GPs using the central electronic patient dossier (KWS) marks a significant improvement


Nexuzhealth and Enovation have joined forces to enable the secure exchange of digital medical data between Belgian hospitals and Dutch GPs. AZ Vesalius is the first hospital to use the solution.

nexuzhealth and Enovation joined forces in collaboration on health ict between belgium and the Netherlands

Johan Vos, Bob Neven, Marcel van der Velden, Maarten de Gruyter and Kenneth Audenaert.

This is good news for doctors and patients on both sides of the border as they can now share patient data faster by using this secure digital messaging service. Sending letters is a thing of the past, saving time and improving the efficiency of healthcare for those living in the border region between Belgium and the Netherlands.

“We are very pleased with this collaboration which is important for GPs in the Netherlands,” says Marcel van der Velden, CCO at Enovation. “They can now directly and accurately receive the data of patients treated in Belgian hospitals. I really like how we are a concrete example of the EU’s plans to improve the data exchange between countries.”

Borderless collaboration for patient-centred healthcare

“This partnership perfectly aligns with nexuzhealth’s strategy of promoting collaboration between healthcare providers and optimising processes,” says Bob Neven, product strategy director at nexuzhealth. “It enables us to establish cross-border data exchange for real patient-centred care.”

How does it work?

Enovation ZorgMail is the messaging service used to improve communications. ZorgMail allows Belgian hospitals that work with KWS (‘clinical work station’) to link medical data from the electronic patient dossier (EPD) through the eHealthbox, converting the data so it can be accessed directly by Dutch GPs in their own information systems.

Plenty of ‘cross-border healthcare’

“It’s fantastic that this solution can improve structured messaging between Belgium and the Netherlands,” says Kenneth Audenaert, account manager for Enovation in Belgium. “A lot of healthcare data is exchanged in the border regions. In my many conversations with different hospitals, it has become clear that many have been grappling with this problem for years. Many patients who experience long wait times in the Netherlands seek care in hospitals in Flanders. It’s great that their data can now be easily accessed by their GP in the Netherlands.”


The solution is currently being implemented by the AZ Vesalius hospitals in Tongeren and Bilzen. They will soon be able to use it.

About Enovation

Enovation is the Dutch market leader in solutions for digital healthcare and collaboration. The company supplies applications, including ZorgMail, to the Dutch healthcare sector. ZorgMail is much more than a secure email solution. ZorgMail is part of the Enovation Platform that includes additional features such as message transfers, capacity solutions, patient portals, video calls, medication safety and digitalised patient transfers.

Interested in improving services?

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