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Enovation XDS

The secure solution for health and care organisations, to enable the digital exchange of medical and other images along with patient/client records and documentation.

What it does

Supports you in collaboration

Using Enovation XDS, you can digitally share medical images and documents with collaborating health and care organisations based on international standards, such as IHE-XDS. As a result, all practitioners and professionals involved are up to date with the latest information, allowing the team to make a diagnosis or identify a care requirement. This will enable you to offer patients/clients a tailor-made treatment or care plan, accurately and quickly.

How it works

Enovation XDS works as follows

With Enovation XDS you can gain insight into current medical &/or social care information, even if this information is stored at other health and care organisations. This allows you, your team and a wider collaboration network, to be kept up to date with the latest medical &/or other critical data:

  • exchange information securely in accordance with the latest standards of information security in health and care (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 2799 and NEN 7510).
  • share documents based on international standards such as IHE-XDS.
  • collaborate with health and other care organisations in the communication network


Did you know?

Philips and Enovation, with the support of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, have started an initiative to connect regional XDS networks of hospitals. In this way, they are together making it possible to exchange digital data on a national scale.

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Case study

Enovation XDS – In practice

When you refer a patient to the radiotherapy institute after multidisciplinary oncological consultation, you need to share medical information about this patient.

In such a situation, you may want access to the recent radiology images and documents from different information systems. This diverse information set needs to come together at the right time for the relevant specialists, so that the patient has a tailor-made treatment plan in good time.

By sharing CTs, X-rays and other relevant data directly and digitally, the data no longer needs to be burned to DVD and then read by another system, which may or may not be able to convert the data into a readable format. This way, examinations do not have to be repeated unnecessarily and the patient can continue with their treatment faster.

With Enovation XDS, we support a better quality of care and interoperability, by quickly bringing together crucial medical information from different sources. Read below to find out what else the solution can do for your organisation.

What it means to you

Enovation XDS – The advantages

See what advantages UMO cx offers you.


Interoperability through seamless integration with information systems from various suppliers based on IHE profiles and open (inter)national standards.

Digital consultation and retrieval

Direct digital consultation and retrieval of patient/client data, lab results, DICOM images, reports etc.


Scalable storage and processing of all medical and other information.


Medical data is protected against unauthorised access and use by NEN7513-compliant audit logging.


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Enovation XDS Bridge

Connect seamlessly to the XDS infrastructure with Enovation XDS Bridge. The connector ensures that your source system is unlocked for XDS infrastructures, and that the information exchange complies with international standards, such as IHE. Learn more about Enovation XDS Bridge

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