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‘It really pays off’ – video care at TSN Home Care

Those involved in TSN Home Care are looking into how digital applications can support their care processes in the long term. They facilitate remote assistance using smart glasses and other forms of video care, such as video consultations. District nurse Anna of TSN care shared a wonderful example of care in practice, which provides a great example of the added value that video care can have for patients.

De set-up van mevrouw, met haar tablet met het roze vierkantje en de stip op de houder.

See what somebody can do for themselves

Anna spoke about a patient who had always monitored her own blood glucose levels and injected her own insulin. However, now that client has dementia, it is no longer safe for her do continue doing so without supervision. This required two home visits per day in order to check the treatment and dose – in addition to this, the client continued to do everything herself. “This was according to her own wishes”, Anna explains. “The patient said: ‘Whatever else happens, I want to keep doing this, I’m used to it’. In this example case, we see I like to look at what care patients somebody can provide do for themselves, how we can safely regulate this, and which added value technology we can provide to facilitate this. I found this to be the perfect example of where a video call can provide safer care for the patient situation for using video calls”.

Creative and solutions-focused

However Ffinding the ideal working practice method was a challenge, however. For the patient client, it had to be clear how she used the technology to make contact which steps she had to take in order to get in touch. “Here, you have to be creative”, says Anna, “so I stuck a pink square around the tablet’s camera and a dot on the tablet and a dot on the holder, so that it was always in the right position”.

The process has to be set up to guarantee privacy as far as possible. When nurses are en route, they are not allowed to make a call in a public place and would have to return to the office. But Anna and her colleagues found a solution for this: “That’s when the medical service centre came into place; nurses there are knowledgeable, and they are of course fully equipped for remote patient care.”
Colleagues from the TSN medical service centre are now making two videos calls a day through the Enovation Zaurus digital consultation rooms in order to support her. The district team still physically visits her once a week, to keep a close eye on how she is doing.

Investment before profit

Anna and her client are the perfect example of supporting the virtual consultation and of true cooperation from the standpoint of patient interests. After some collaboration a solution was agreed upon that worked effectively for all parties: “This was a project which required investment first and then profiting from that investment. The patient thinks it’s great, and that the personal aspects of care and time spent with your healthcare provider is improved. She finds that talking this way is very personal!”

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