Have patients lost overview due to fragmentation in care?

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Enovation Mail

Securely share information and emails between healthcare professionals, patients, clients and other parties.

Secure exchange from your trusted applications

When it comes to privacy-sensitive information, you want to be sure that this data is exchanged securely. At the same time, in the daily hustle and bustle, you don’t want to be burdened with additional processes for sending or receiving information.

Seamless integration with email clients, email servers, EPRs, ECRs, portals and apps makes it extremely easy to securely exchange information with professionals and private individuals via Mail. What’s more, you will find all connected participants in the address book, so you always know who you are communicating with. This makes it faster and easier to work with chain partners and other professionals.

Enovation Mail in the Platform

Enovation Mail supports (healthcare) professionals with various solutions.

Securely share information and emails

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Secure Email

Secure messaging via your email service provider with patients, chain partners and other professionals in the healthcare and public industry.

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Sending structured messages between the information systems of, for example, GPs, pharmacists and hospitals.

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Enovation Mail facts and figures

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Digitally exchange lab results with the pharmacy

Pharmacists need lab results to dispense the correct medication and doses to patients. With Lab4Apo from Enovation Mail, pharmacy-specific lab results can be made available automatically in the pharmacy’s PIS with the patient’s consent. This enhances medication safety.

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Together with our partners, we ensure seamless integration.

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