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Data Driven Healthcare

13 June 2024 - | De Doelen, Rotterdam, the Netherlands |

Data Driven Healthcare

Data and data-driven technologies are increasingly driving decisions and actions in healthcare. The availability of medical data and digital data exchange in healthcare is essential in this respect.

Artificial Intelligence offers opportunities to make predictions and recommendations and realise intelligent support for decisions in the healthcare sector, among others. As such, such systems are increasingly becoming an integral part of digital healthcare. As such, organisations need to start learning their way around adopting and using this technology now.

You will hear more about this at the Data Driven Healthcare conference on 13 June.

Topics of the day:

  • Data availability
  • Cross-domain cooperation
  • Data exchange
  • Data solidarity
  • Behavioural adaptation
  • AI
  • Data-driven care
  • Uniformity
  • Regional co-creation
  • Data dilemmas
  • Culture change