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news | 18 April 2023

Enovation expands with acquisition of Medimo

Capelle aan den IJssel, 18 April 2023 – Enovation strengthens its market position with the acquisition of Medimo, supplier of an electronic administration registration and ePresciption system. This strategic addition enriches Enovation’s product offering and strengthens its position as a leading international healthcare SaaS provider in Europe. Enovation has been backed by software investor Main Capital since 2018. Prior to Medimo, other software companies were previously added to Enovation as well, including patient portal specialist Funatic in 2022. With this new step, Enovation becomes the market leader in electronic administration registration and ePresciption.

Medimo has been active in the fast-growing eHealth market for more than 22 years, offering a SaaS suite of innovative solutions for electronic administration registration and ePresciption, allowing medication usage and requirements of patients to be securely transferred to nurses, doctors and pharmacists. Medimo serves circa 500 healthcare sites, with a specific focus on nursing homes, home care, mental health and pharmacies.

With the acquisition of Medimo, Enovation has more than 320 employees across 12 offices, and operates in 18 countries. The Enovation Group focuses on improving the current product offering by creating innovative solutions for the healthcare market and the (semi-)public sector. Enovation strives to continuously increase the added value for its customers. Both in its organic growth strategy and in its buy-and-build approach, the company aims to strategically strengthen its product offering and market position, to further position itself as a leading European Connected Care provider.

Medimo’s products make it possible to fully digitize the processes related to prescription and administration registration of medicines, improving quality and saving time and money for the healthcare organizations that use these products. Medimo’s wide range of integration possibilities will further support Enovation in digitizing the entire medication process. Finally, Medimo’s innovative solutions will further strengthen Enovation’s position in the fast-growing eHealth market. With Enovation’s international network, Medimo’s products will also be offered abroad.

Jeroen van Rijswijk, CEO of Enovation, says: “Medimo’s solution is a perfect addition to our connected care platform. With this step, we are able to offer our customers a complete solution that covers the electronic administration registration and ePrescription chain. Medimo fits perfectly within our ambition to support healthcare providers in digital care and collaboration.”


Bart Drost / Richard Lendfers, Founders Medimo, adds: “Thanks to the acquisition, we are now part of the Enovation platform. This allows us to serve our joint customer base even better and ensures us that Medimo’s eHealth solutions are even better integrated into our customers’ healthcare IT landscape. Enovation is a proven player in the field of collaboration and digital care. Combining this expertise with Medimo’s applications will result in a strong combination, which will benefit our customers going forward. In addition, the cooperation with Enovation offers new growth opportunities internationally. This way we can help many more organizations improve their medication security.”


Charly Zwemstra, CEO Main Capital Partners, concludes: “Since the beginning of our partnership with Enovation in 2018, we have been able to support in creating a stronger and more sustainable company. Medimo’s scalable multi-tenant SaaS offering of innovative ePrescription solutions will allow Enovation to further realize its growth ambitions. Looking ahead, we see many local and international growth opportunities and will continue to support Enovation in this endeavor.”

About Enovation

For more than 40 years, Enovation has been bringing technology and healthcare together. By facilitating digital cooperation and connections between people, we make the care of today and the future possible. This is how we contribute to the sustainable healthcare system of the future, in which the human experience remains at the center. Thanks to our platform, healthcare providers can focus on what is most important: time and attention for people. Our software supports digital care and collaboration throughout the patient journey. From early detection to remote monitoring and everything in between, our platform facilitates integrated care – at every step.

About Medimo

In 2001, Medimo was founded by pharmacists Bart Drost and Richard Lendfers. Medimo comprises an electronic administration registration and ePresciption system, which can be expanded with various integrations. This makes Medimo the most complete solution for supporting the medication distribution process, both for intramural and extramural care. Medimo is active in many healthcare segments, especially within nursing homes and home care, but also within pharmacies, mental health, rehabilitation clinics and specialized health clinics.

About Main Capital Partners

Main Capital Partners is a leading software investor in the Benelux, DACH and Nordic region. Main has 20 years of experience in strengthening software companies and works closely with the management teams in its portfolio as a strategic partner, in order to achieve sustainable growth and larger outstanding software groups. Main has 60 employees and offices in The Hague, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, Antwerp and an affiliated office in Boston. Main has over 2.2 billion euros in assets under management and currently has an active portfolio of over 40 software groups. Together, these companies provide about 9,000 jobs.