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news | 08 February 2023

Time to Celebrate: It’s Enovation’s 40th Anniversary!

Big news! This year we are celebrating Enovation’s 40th anniversary. Quite a milestone, especially for an IT company. A great time to look back and look ahead – how did we change, what have we learned and what are our plans for the future? We are happy to tell you more.

Warm Care and Cold Technology

We are pleased and proud that Enovation has been able to play a role in supporting collaboration and digitalisation in healthcare for so many years, in a way that brings together warm care and cold technology.

As an IT company, technology is what we mainly concern ourselves with – but we have always operated from the notion that the human touch should never be forgotten.

“At the end of the day, technology should be in the service of people – they must benefit from it. For example, digitalisation can ensure that patients have improved access to their own medical data, have control over their own health and are equipped to influence the care process, or that widely available data reduces the amount of errors in the care process.”

– CPO Johan Vos


If we look at the history of Enovation, one thing has always been of great importance: growth, from a stable foundation. This goes for the development of our product portfolio and our employee and customer base, as well as for our (Dutch and international) offices.

While in the first few years we steadily built on internationalisation by opening several offices in Europe, in recent years we have been able to add several great companies to the Enovation Group. Since 2015, Comvio, Z-Netwerken, POINT, Meddex, Verklizan, MULTIsignaal, Boomerweb, Zaurus and Funatic have joined us.

“By adding interesting organisations with great products to our organisation, we can support healthcare better and better. Whereas in previous years our services focused a lot on the technology ‘under the hood’, with our Enovation Platform we now also provide many services that healthcare providers and patients see and experience themselves.”

– CEO Jeroen van Rijswijk

Moving with the Times

If there is one thing you learn as an IT company over the course of 40 years, it is how fast things develop and how to move with them. Besides all of the technological developments, there is also (thankfully!) an increasing focus on information security and privacy, and an organisation like ours plays a key role in this.

“For us, a focus on information security and privacy is nothing new. It has always been central to everything we do, to facilitate secure and seamless communication in healthcare. It is part of our DNA. What is great is that awareness around these topics has increased so much in recent years.”

– CTO en CISO Dré Lameir

Looking Ahead

Developments in healthcare, technology and society are happening at lightning speed. One of the things we will focus on in the coming years is to ensure that our Enovation Platform contains all the technological ingredients to support all facets of a sustainable healthcare system.

“With an ageing population and staff shortages in healthcare, digitalisation is a must. Our platform brings together different components that can facilitate that digitalisation in a safe and user-friendly way: from the information flows under the hood to digital communication between healthcare provider and patient and to medication safety. From this solid foundation, we continue to build.”

– CCO Marcel van der Velden

Credit Where Credit Is Due…

A ‘thank you’ is in order: we would obviously never have made it to our 40th anniversary without our loyal customers (some of whom have been with us since the very beginning!), our partners and our hard-working team. Enovation’s success rests entirely on the cooperation of all these fine people – thank you!

Jeroen adds: “It is very special that so many customers but also employees choose to work with and for Enovation for such a long time. Besides the fact that this contributes to the health of our company and our continuity, it is also something to be simply very proud of.”

During 2023, we will celebrate our anniversary in various ways – with our team, our customers and our partners. Be sure to keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for more fun news!