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Telecare alarm monitoring

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Living safely at home for longer, with the right help nearby.  Below you will find the solutions Enovation offers to make this possible. ► Or first read more on this care topic here.
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The leading platform for digital healthcare and collaboration.

Our software supports digital care and collaboration throughout the patient journey. From early detection to remote monitoring, and everything in between, our platform facilitates integrated care – at every stage.

We are Enovation 

We’re here for the healthcare sector. We’re here for the dedicated professionals who devote their personal attention to each and every patient.

We’re here for the organisations who provide ever more complex care to a rising number of people with fewer staff. We’re here for the caregivers and prevention officers. And we’re here for the patients and clients who want to receive the assistance and care they need, today, tomorrow and in the future.

We assist by developing connected care solutions that support healthcare professionals and clients in an innovative way.

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