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news | 29 February 2024

Tim van der Eijk on his work as an HR and Recruitment Business partner

‘Here I found what I was looking for in my work’

Practice what you preach. This saying certainly applies to Tim van der Eijk, who has been working as HR and Business Partner Recruitment at Enovation since December 2023. As a recruiter, he likes to take a personal approach and that’s how he ended up at Enovation.

Tim van der Eijk, Enovation recruitment en HR

Tim van der Eijk, Enovation recruitment and HR.

‘When I was looking for a new job, I first asked myself, what do I want? What do I value at a company? I wanted to work at a Rotterdam company. Not because it’s nice and practical as I live here, but mainly due to the associated mentality. Not blowing things out of proportion, not pretending you are bigger than you are, just down to earth and honest. I like that.’

‘I got chatting to a teammate from my football team who works at Enovation. The way he spoke about the company appealed to me. And just the fact that he had been working there for almost 25 years spoke volumes. If someone is that happy it shows what kind of company it is. That it has a healthy corporate culture.’


After a quick job interview, Tim started work. He really enjoys the combination of HR employee and recruiter. When he joined Enovation, it was obvious from the start that the company suited him. ‘The things my teammate had told me were all true.’ After just a few days, I was told it felt like I’d been working here for months already.’


‘The main thing I noticed was that I was welcome. There’s a pleasant atmosphere. I liked it from day one. I notice how helpful everyone is. I don’t have any ICT experience so that part is new. But everyone asks me what I need to do my job. Everyone makes time for you. I am receptive to that warm atmosphere. Here I found what I was looking for in my work.’

Career development

Employing almost 300 people in the Netherlands and beyond, Enovation offers its staff many opportunities for career development. Everyone plays their own unique and important role in the company’s core business of providing solutions for digital collaboration and connection in healthcare.

If you would like to know more about working at Enovation, please contact HR via hr@enovationgroup.com. Or do what Tim did and talk to someone who already works at Enovation!

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