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UMO cx

UMO cx offers all the tools for a Multiple Service Centre to provide ‘healthcare as a service’ and digital care services to patients, clients and citizens.

What it does

Reduce the gap

The demographic changes, attitudes and expectations of healthcare consumers provide a unique opportunity for emergency centres to develop and expand their current activities. Emergency centres have a huge opportunity to expand their business by offering more services so that people can continue to live at home for longer, providing remote care as much as possible.

UMO cx is perfectly positioned to bring the social care and medical domain together. By bridging the gaps between health & care providers, social workers, relatives and friends through coordination and alignment, the wellbeing and health of the people in a region will improve at affordable costs.

How it works

UMO cx works as follows

To effectively enable the participation of clients, there is a need for services to be offered by health, social care, housing organisations and local governments, such as online coaching, digital medication control, remote monitoring and remote care. This is made possible by the use of connected care technology in combination with a consumer experience approach and mindset. The system that delivers all this is our UMO cx, where the cx stands for Consumer eXperience.

UMO cx offers all the tools for an organisation to:

  • transform from an Alarm Receiving Centre to a Multiple Service Centre
  • provide ‘healthcare as a service’
  • provide digital care services to patients, clients and citizens.


UMO cx is interoperable with hundreds of products

The number of international partners has grown significantly over the last few years: there are now over 300 devices from 200 manufacturers certified through our Partner Program to interoperate with UMO cx. This offers our customers a large diversity of products and services that can be delivered through UMO cx, ranging from traditional mobile and personal security alarms to a wide range of home automation, telecare and telemedicine applications. UMO cx is interoperable with hundreds of products from a wide range of manufacturers of telecare, telehealth, mobile and video devices. The ‘UMO cx certified partner program’ supports the reliability, sustainability and ongoing enhancement of all interfaces with UMO cx. A comprehensive overview of these capabilities with reference to the relevant partners can be found on our website.

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What it means to you

UMO cx – The advantages

See what advantages UMO cx offers you.

Independent & open

No vendor lock in, optimal flexibility, system integration and less customisation needed.

Modern architecture

Fully digital, Software as a Service, cloud based, scalable system and scalable pricing.

24/7 support

Anytime, anywhere, agreed Service levels and service desk.

360º Client interaction

Social Network, Social Care & Housing, healthcare and critical services.


Alarm, telephone, e-mail, chat, SMS, video and Healthcare Information Exchange.

200 integrated partners

Community, knowledge, trusted partner program, chain reliability and testing program & certification.


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