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Enovation UMO

The solution for care centres to support the safety of vulnerable people with professional alarm monitoring.

What it does

One button for acute help

Falls and fractures are a common and serious health issue faced by older people in England. People aged 65 and older have the highest risk of falling; around a third of people aged 65 and over, and around half of people aged 80 and over, fall at least once a year. These incidents are unfortunately the tip of the iceberg. The consequences of falling are obvious and have a major effect on the person concerned. A fall incident can become even more traumatic if he/she does not have the possibility to raise the alarm after a fall, as delays can compound any damage. At such a moment, Enovation UMO can make all the difference. One push of a button can result in immediate contact and rapid help.

Is the safety of vulnerable people living independently a priority for you too? Then check out the possibilities of Enovation UMO or contact us for more information using the form below.

How it works

Social alarms & telecare

A wide variety of alarm devices can be connected to UMO to summon and activate professional caregivers or direct contacts from the client’s own network. Smart sensors can also provide more information about the cause of the care request, such as fall detection, inactivity, smoke detection or wandering behaviour.

An overview of certified equipment is shown in the UMO partner search.

Mobile alarming

Security on the move, that’s what mobile alarms offer. A mobile device with an emergency button is able to call for help from UMO alarm centres anytime and anywhere – with or without a voice connection.

The location and determination of people requesting help is crucial for efficient assistance. The UMO applications have integrated navigation maps, so that the location of the caller can be accurately displayed.

A special search and find function also allows the control room to trace a person on demand. For example, when a client is travelling and has forgotten to take his medication with him.


Enovation UMO is interoperable with hundreds of products

The number of international UMO cx partners has grown significantly over the last few years: there are now over 300 devices from more than 200 manufacturers certified through our Partner Program to interoperate with UMO cx. This offers our customers a large diversity of products and services that can be delivered through UMO cx, ranging from traditional mobile and personal security alarms to a wide range of home automation, telecare and telemedicine applications. UMO cx is interoperable with hundreds of products from a wide range of manufacturers of telecare, telehealth, mobile and video devices. The ‘UMO cx certified partner program’ supports the reliability, sustainability and ongoing enhancement of all interfaces with UMO cx. A comprehensive overview of these capabilities with reference to the relevant partners can be found on our website.

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Case study

Enovation UMO – In practice

London Borough of Harrow

The London Borough of Harrow has implemented Enovation’s UMO alarm monitoring platform and went live in January 2021 during the UK’s third Covid-19 lockdown. The service supports about 8,000 telecare residents from both Harrow and neighbouring Brent and has been running since the 1980s.

Harrow wanted a digital, cloud-based offering in order to minimise future technical risks, simplify the infrastructure and maximise flexibility.

Read the full story from London Borough of Harrow

What it means to you

Enovation UMO – The advantages

See what advantages Enovation UMO offers you.

Independent & open

No vendor lock in, optimal flexibility, system integration and less customisation needed.

Modern architecture

Fully digital, Software as a Service, cloud based, scalable system and scalable pricing.

24/7 support

Anytime, anywhere, agreed Service levels and service desk.

360º Client interaction

Social Network, Social Care & Housing, healthcare and critical services.


Alarm, telephone, e-mail, chat, SMS, video and Healthcare Information Exchange.

200 integrated partners

Community, knowledge, trusted partner program, chain reliability and testing program & certification.


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